Frequently asked questions

What is a public adjuster?

A public adjuster is a specialized insurance adjuster licensed by the State to represent policyholders. An important distinction to make between a public adjuster and a company insurance adjuster is that the public adjuster only has your interests in mind, while the insurance adjuster protects the interests of their employer. Public adjusters are experts and are better equipped than most policy holders to estimate the replacement and repair costs of property loss. They simplify and speed up the process it takes to settle a claim, while ensuring a fair settlement.

Why hire a public adjuster?

A public adjuster is an expert in insurance policies. A public adjuster knows about things like current replacement costs, property repair, business income loss, and other elements of property loss that are critical to getting a fair and proper settlement. The policyholder is required to prove their loss in a detailed and documented manner to their insurance company. Angel Public Adjusters have the necessary expertise and experience to meet and exceed their standards, resulting in more accurate price estimates. A public adjuster understands the policy language as well as the insurance adjuster. We have the specialized software and knowledge to provide the client with current costs of replacement, repair, income loss, and more, to ensure the client gets what they deserve.

Public vs Company And Independent Adjusters

The three parties that use adjusters are insurance companies, businesses, and homeowners. The basic goal is the evaluation of property loss and calculating the right amount a claim should offer. There are also three types of insurance adjusters; company adjusters, independent adjusters and public adjusters. Company insurance adjusters work for the insurance carrier and are sent to evaluate claims filed by policyholders. Independent adjusters also work for insurance companies, though they usually are hired as 3rd party consultants or if there is an increase in demand.

Can I hire a contractor instead?

It is against the law for contractors – including roofing and restoration contractors – to negotiate your claim with your insurance company. Contractors may not hire adjusters to handle your claim. Furthermore, claims adjusting requires specialized insurance training and state licensing.